ISO 13503-5:2006

ISO 13503-5:2006 Petroleum and natural gas industries - Completion fluids and materials - Part 5: Procedures for measuring the long-term conductivity of proppants

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ISO 13503-5:2006 provides standard testing procedures for evaluating proppants used in hydraulic fracturing and gravel packing operations. ISO 13503-5:2006 provides a consistent methodology for testing performed on hydraulic fracturing and/or gravel packing proppants. The "proppants" mentioned henceforth in this part of ISO 13503-5:2006 refer to sand, ceramic media, resin-coated proppants, gravel packing media, and other materials used for hydraulic fracturing and gravel-packing operations.

ISO 13503-5:2006 is not applicable for use in obtaining absolute values of proppant pack conductivities under downhole reservoir conditions.

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