ANSI/IES RP-3-00 (R2006)

ANSI/IES RP-3-00 (R2006)

Guide for Educational Facilities Lighting Illuminating Engineering Society / 19-May-2000 / 59 pages

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This Recommended Practice addresses lighting needs of all of educational facilities from preschool to continuing professional development. Its scope is restricted to learning and study activities, and associated circulation spaces. (The IESNA Lighting Handbook and other Recommend Practices contain guidance on lighting administration areas, sports facilities, or residential accommodations on school and college campuses.) Other relevant literature is listed in the references. This Practice revises and replaces the previous edition which was last published in 1988. [Note: RP-3-00 is an American National Standard.] Following a brief introduction, the main sections of this Practice are: The roles of lighting in educational facilities describing how various lighting schemes can best support specific instructional media (voice, chalkboard, video); Instructional spaces and associated areas examining the lighting requirements for all manner of spaces from general-purpose classrooms and lecture halls to circulation areas; Lighting design considerations identifying specific design issues including visual tasks, education level, psychological impacts, maintenance, energy management, costs, and government codes; The lighting system describing the various lighting system components (lamps, luminaires, ballasts, controls) and some of the key considerations that go into selecting the most appropriate system; Life cycle cost benefit analysis presenting an advanced analytical technique (LCCBA) that allows the initial construction costs and all future costs associated with lighting system operation/maintenance to influence design decisions (also discussed are the equivalent annual cost method and the total present value method); and ? Measurement of lighting system performance recording a complete detailed description of the surveyed area, listing all factors that might affect results, such as: interior surface reflectance, lamp type and age, voltage, and instrumentation used.

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