ANSI/ASHRAE 138-2013

ANSI/ASHRAE 138-2013

Standard 138-2013 -- Method of Testing for Rated Ceiling Panels for Sensible Heating and Cooling (ANSI Approved) ASHRAE / 2013 / 18 pages

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This standard establishes uniform methods of laboratory testing for rating steady-state thermal performance of ceiling panels used in indoor spaces for sensible heating, sensible cooling, or both. The objective is to rate ceiling panels under repeatable conditions; therefore, this standard specifies procedures, apparatus, and instrumentation for rating thermal performance of ceiling panels in a specific indoor configuration and thermal conditions. Thermal performance of a ceiling panel is measured in terms of heat delivered or heat removed by the ceiling panel as a function of the average fluid temperature of the heat transfer medium in the ceiling panel and the temperatures characterizing the surrounding indoor space. This standard covers testing of ceiling panels in the following effective panel surface high and low temperature range limits: Sensible Heating Ceiling Panels: from 24C to 65C (75F to 149F) for nonmetal heat transfer elements in the ceiling panel or from 24C to 150C (75F to 302F) for metal heat transfer elements in the ceiling panel. Sensible Cooling Ceiling Panels: from 14C to 24C (57F to 75F). This standard does not cover hybrid ceiling panels, ceiling panels that are embedded into the ceiling, wall, or floor structure test methods for design, production, or field-testing of ceiling panels.

Keywords: Laboratory testing, thermal performance, ceiling panels, sensible heating, sensible cooling, thermal resistance, heat flux

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This product replaces:ANSI/ASHRAE 138-2009 - Standard 138-2009 -- Method of Testing for Rating Ceiling Panels for Sensible Heating and Cooling (ANSI/ASHRAE Approved)
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